Welcome to JAH PHOTO ARCHIVE. I have been fascinated by photography since I took my first picture with a Kodak Instamatic back in the 1960s. I enjoy photography for fun and for recording family history.

A camera is so easy to pick up and put down. Yet this undemanding hobby captures time in the most powerful way........

Both of my grandfathers were good photographers for their time. I have inherited their vast collections of images that go back generations, and I have been gradually scanning them to preserve them and to make them available to relatives. Some of the images that I have already scanned appear on this website in the various family galleries. I have taken inspiration from these photographs. While many of the images are merely snapshots, collectively they capture the wonder of existence. The Russian poet Arseniy Tarkovsky captured this sense of timelessness and a glimpse of immortality in his poem Life, Life:

Live in the house - and the house will stand.
I will call up any century,
Go into it and build myself a house.
That is why your children are beside me
And your wives, all seated at one table,
One table for great grandfather and grandson.
The future is accomplished here and now.

Photography places us all together at one table. The cord house in the photograph was built by my grandfather Andrew McPherson in 1943. The house is located in Indianola, across the Puget Sound from Seattle. I visited as an infant, again 1982, and again in 2005. I hope to return again someday, and take another picture.

Joe Heaney